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How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Education Industry?

1. Through Personalized Learning
The introduction of personalized learning is one of the major ways that artificial intelligence is transforming the education sector. AI-based platforms employ machine learning to examine students’ data, such as performance and learning patterns, and produce tailored learning pathways and suggestions. Students can utilize such systems to enhance their learning experience according to their specific requirements and interests.

2. Adaptive and Intelligent Quality Assessments
Artificial intelligence has provided instructors with a more intuitive and effective method of evaluating the work quality of their students. These days, AI-powered plagiarism detection tools, such as Duplichecker, swiftly examine a text for uniqueness by conducting a deep search. These utilities rapidly identify plagiarism in any text by comparing the scanned data to the contents of its database. Generally, most plagiarism checkers employ the NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms. The systems enable these tools to determine the originality status of any piece of text. So, by adjusting to the context of the textual material, these utilities give teachers a more accurate and efficient method for determining the uniqueness of text in real time.


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