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Google AI Overviews: Less happiness, more searches

I don’t recognize for a fact that human beings are looking less on Google. I simply are aware of it’s true.

During Google I/O, Alphabet/Google CEO Sundar Pichai instructed us AI Overviews have ended in an “boom in Search usage.” Pichai said the identical aspect during Alphabet’s Q1 2024 profits name.

But if that’s the case – doesn’t that imply AI Overviews, or the artist previously known as Search Generative Experience (SGE), isn’t fixing a hassle it became supposedly invented to restoration?

Namely, giving customers the answer or statistics they want, faster?

Yes, within the identical week that OpenAI basically created Samantha, the AI digital assistant from the movie “Her,” Google’s tagline have become “Let Google do the Googling for you.”

Well, if Google is now doing the Googling for you, Search quantity will in all likelihood move up while Google can’t discover what Google is Googling for on Google!

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